How to Use Numbers in a Resume to Describe Your Achievements

The secret ingredient of a good resume is to show results.

While action words and keywords are important to show your relevant accomplishments, numbers can support these words and make them even stronger. In the job market, they often speak even louder than words because they give assurance and validity.

Numbers show that you understand business language and they provide the company with what they are looking for: employee results.

To illustrate your impact, consider sharing some statistics with regard to every single point in your experience section. Use a percentage, number of years, or amount of money to assure the hiring manager who is looking at your targeted resume that you're a high performer.


Illustrate the impact your results had on the market. In fact, it's the easiest way to use numbers when your results are not dazzling.

Example: Supplied chain analysis in purchasing and inventory management worth $120M in an international market.

Example: Found innovative solutions and achieved goals in project management during 2008-2012 financial crisis.


If your accomplishments are not that impressive, use numbers to describe your clients instead of results. You can use this type of statement to show that, while you may not be the best, you are improving a trait that the job description requires. Consider adding such a statement at the end of your experience section.

Example: Implemented retail marketing plans for three years for two Fortune 500 corporations.

Example: Managed finances from $1.5M to $20M for several organizations.


Percentages are one of the best ways to show results and impact. Don't worry if your annual service group growth was only 7%. Show it in any case, because the vast majority of candidates will just write about duties and responsibilities. The small increase you achieved is still a good result.

Example: Improved the UI of six websites, which decreased the average processing time by 14%.

Example: Reduced service costs by 5% using thorough data analysis.

Date & Time

Identify the time to show how long you benefited the company. That is the easiest way to include numbers in your statements, even if you only had a three-month internship.

Example: Increased monthly sales by $1,500 in two months.

Currency Amounts

Again, a good resume shows results, and there is no better proof of career achievements than numbers. They give assurance.

Include dollars, euros, or whatever your country's currency is in at least one statement. Money is one of the most critical elements of business and an indicator of value.

Example: Earned the organization $6,000 using thorough data analysis.


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