How to Format the Education Section of Your Resume

The education section always follows the experience section, even when you are a student and the education section is the resume's main feature. Recruiters want job-related, not academic, information.

However, education matters. It shows your intellectual potential, how prepared you are and which professional subject matters are important to you.

It is just as important to target the education section at a particular job position. What are your most significant academic achievements? Which courses were most important to you? Place this at the top of the education section and target it at the job description. Prioritize your accomplishments and list them accordingly.

Use the same tactics mentioned in the Resume Experience Section. Target your top academic achievements at the job position and include soft keywords and data that seem important to an employer. Use numbers to provide certainty and action words to show energy.

TIP: If you lack formal education or a degree but have participated in training, courses, free seminars or conferences, list these achievements in the education section.


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