Everything You Should Know About a Good Resume Layout

The content of your resume is a core. However, the way you present the content is as important as how you write it.

A resume's layout contains many different elements, and each one of them plays a significant role in ensuring your resume is easy to read and attractive.

The primary goal of the layout is to guide the recruiter to essential parts, so if other information overloads your resume – you won't succeed. An easy-to-read resume should:

Use the best architectural structure

Structure your framework by using the most important topics. The resume's key topics comprise: job title, contact information, experience, education, and skills. Every additional topic takes attention away from these main sections. So, be professional and don't overload your resume. Consider leaving out topics like objective, hobbies or programs.

Present the topics in a logical order. Experience is always listed before education because job-related content is more relevant than academic achievements. Consider listing your experience at the top of your resume even when you don't have any job-related experience and education is your main feature.

Also, the skills section should be completely separate from the experience and education sections because it presents information in single words, not in sentences as in the other two sections.

Have a design that is aesthetically pleasing

Aesthetic design connotes a clean presentation of key sections and content, as well as the layout itself. The design shouldn't be too cluttered or include unrelated background pictures, tables or diagrams. A design that is aesthetically pleasing is not too unimpressive, yet not too noisy. Any additional elements overload the resume and distract from more relevant sections like experience and skills.

Use a one-page resume format to hold the recruiter's attention.

Utilize a clean format

A clean format includes all the layout elements. The font size shouldn't be too small. The spacing shouldn't be too narrow. Also, the content, header and other items should be aligned.

The main rule - the result should be clean and easy to read.


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