Contact Recruiter Directly

Congratulations! Now you should have a perfect resume that will land you a dream job interview!

There is only one thing left - contact the recruiter directly.

You can find any employer contact information on the Internet very quickly using websites like LinkedIn. You can find HR managers who have posted job positions as well as the names of managers and supervisors you would be working for.

When you have finished your targeted resume and cover letter, write an email to the recruiter of the company that you are interested in and inform him/her that you want to apply for the job position. Here's an example of how such an email could look like:

Mr. John Black,

The purpose of this letter is to explore employment opportunities with XYZ and apply for the Project Manager position. The resume included will furnish you with the details concerning my experience and capabilities.

Thank you for your time to get to know me.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Richards


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