Answering the Job Interview Question: "Why Are You Leaving Your Present/Last Job?"

TRAP: Even if you didn't get along with your former boss or direct manager, or even if you didn't like the industry, avoid bad-mouthing your company. You will lose credibility immediately.

TRICK: This question aims to discover your values and the reasons underlying your career goals. You might also get questions like, "What did you like most about your previous job position?" or, "What did you like least?"

The recruiter wants to identify whether your departure was a company or personal decision and why it happened.

Be positive and use "I" instead of "them". Be honest, but don't mention personal conflicts even if you didn't get along with your team. Talking about change without changing your own career goal is good. If you discuss how this particular company can help you reach your career goal, you will come out a winner.


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