Answering the Job Interview Question: "How Much Money Do You Want to Earn?"

TRAP: This is a delicate topic. The recruiter wants to know if the company pays more or less than the average salary.

TRICK: If you want to earn more, use this salesman tactic: never mention a price until the recruiter says how much he/she can pay.

Of course, this is happening throughout the interview – you are targeting your expectations at whichever expectations the recruiter expresses. In this instance, to maximize your earning power, use the following strategy:

  1. Research the average salary in your specific market and compare it to your previous salary.

  2. Research what the average minimum is in your specific market.

  3. Use these numbers as a basis to answer the question, "What salary do you expect?" If the recruiter says that he/she can pay only the minimum, then what the heck? It's a low-end company.

Most companies won't pay the new guy more on his first day. So, expect a cut from your salary (unless you happen to be the well-known pro). Companies can't pay more simply because you might address their issues. You earn more when you actually demonstrate that you can solve the company's daily problems. That's what a trial period is all about.

If the job interview goes well, negotiate the path forward for your career and checkpoints when your salary could be increased. Usually this is done in a second interview.


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