A List of Career-related Adjectives for an Effective Resume

Adjectives are widely used to enrich the meaning of sentences. So, it's wise to use them in your resume statements as well.

Instead of using literary adjectives that are more suitable for blog posts or beautiful poetry, use career and business-related attributes that sound sharp and professional.

If you start your experience statements with action verbs, write accomplishments instead of duties, prove them with numbers, and finally enrich these statements with accurate adjectives, you will have super powerful statements.

Here's a list of the most common career-related adjectives that you can use for your targeted resume:

Social, Professional, Structured, Creative, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Decisive, Disciplined, Organized, Thorough, Flexible, Determined, Efficient, Meticulous, Loyal, Diligent, Logical, Persistent, Methodical, Productive, Complex, Patient, Pleasant, Strategic.


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