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It's simple
Wozber will do all the heavy lifting! You only need to fill in the fields on the form – and you'll have your matching resume and compelling cover letter at the end.
Wozber Guide - virtual resume expert
Your chatbot-like assistant, guiding you through each step and sharing useful tips with you.
Targeting (English and German)
Boost your chances by speaking your employer's language. Copy the job requirements from a job ad and Wozber will automatically highlight which key phrases you should use.
Smart content formatting
Wozber will automatically change the resume layout based on your content length. So, you won't need to worry about the right positioning and spacing at all.
Customizable resume templates
Just choose from a list of templates and jump-start the configuration. Every template can be adjusted to make it your own style.
Unlimited number of resumes & cover letters
Each job you're interested in, deserve its individual application. So, go for it and create as many as you need!
Multilingual resume templates
Instantly change resume headings, dates and skill ratings by picking one of the following supported languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
Resume version management
We securely store your job applications on our servers for future use so that you can effortlessly manage your resume versions for different companies and job positions. This way you can edit, delete, duplicate or download them as you like.
High-quality PDF output
Wozber makes sure that your resume and cover letter look great as a downloaded PDF.

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Asher Harris
Marketing Manager
"As someone who spent a long time unemployed in the past, I absolutely love this. Well done guys! I really hope this gets wildly popular, it will be valuable to so many people."
Matt Klein
Founder of PRSNL Branding
"There are a lot of résumé builders out there, but nothing I've found as powerful as Wozber. When advising my clients on how to craft their creative and professional stories, Wozber has become my go-to tool. I can't recommend Wozber enough for anyone who wants to up their game and chances of securing that dream opportunity."
Christophe Petignat
Head of Marketing
"I created my resume with Wozber, and everything went perfectly. It was easy to use and helped me get the job I wanted. Few of my friends used Wozber as well and loved it as much as I did."

Job-winning resume for students

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