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Hey there! I'm the Wozber Guide, your virtual resume expert.
I will guide you through all the steps to make your resume and cover letter right:
  • Targeted at your chosen job ad
  • Based on your accomplishments
  • Well structured
  • With modern design
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Job Ad Analysis

Match the job requirements

Every company is looking for a candidate that matches the job requirements.
How to become a perfect match?
Share the job requirements with me, and I will automatically highlight which keywords you should use on your resume.
* Job Ad Analysis is available only in English, German, and Lithuanianbeta.

Your resume - step by step

Follow simple steps and write about yourself.
I will be providing you with tips and examples to make sure you use the best industry practices.
As a result, you will get a job-winning resume and cover letter.
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Modern Resume Templates

Minimal design. Positive impact.

Be confident about your resume design.
To efficiently use page area, I will automatically adjust the positioning and spacing based on your content.
To make it more personal, you will be able to easily customize your resume style with your own taste of colors, underlines and more.

What industry experts and job seekers say about Wozber

Asher Harris
Marketing Manager
"As someone who spent a long time unemployed in the past, I absolutely love this. Well done guys! I really hope this gets wildly popular, it will be valuable to so many people."
Matt Klein
Founder of PRSNL Branding
"There are a lot of résumé builders out there, but nothing I've found as powerful as Wozber. When advising my clients on how to craft their creative and professional stories, Wozber has become my go-to tool. I can't recommend Wozber enough for anyone who wants to up their game and chances of securing that dream opportunity."
Christophe Petignat
Head of Marketing
"I created my resume with Wozber, and everything went perfectly. It was easy to use and helped me get the job I wanted. Few of my friends used Wozber as well and loved it as much as I did."

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